Reduce risk

Your duty of care

Information for Strata Managers

Property owners and managers have a duty of care to ensure the safety of everyone accessing their properties, including contractors and consultants.

The risks involved in engaging contractors increase when they’re not adequately insured or don’t meet minimum legislative requirements (licensing and safe practices). Any damage to property or injury resulting from an incident involving a contractor puts you at risk.

Community Select Contractor Authorisation

To help reduce your exposure, contractors must demonstrate compliance by registering their business in the Community Select Contractor Authorisation System.

The online registration system is where contractors (including consultants) self-register, upload the necessary documents and information, and maintain their business details. As contractors complete the registration process, their documents and information are verified to ensure compliance.

Once verified, the contractor is considered to be an authorised contractor. They are activated to the Community Select database, and become available for work orders and quote requests.

The system and verification process is managed on behalf of Community Select by Pegasus, who specialise in contractor engagement and workforce management services and solutions.