Five steps

for Contractor Authorisation

The Authorisation Process

The five-step Community Select Contractor Authorisation System process is outlined below.

Please allow yourself time to understand the system, and to source and upload your company documents and information. We suggest you read through the process below before starting.

You will only need to complete registration once, and will only enter the system again when one of your documents expires or you need to pay the annual renewal of your registration.

You can find detailed user guides for the system (with screenshots) on the FAQ’s and documents page.

New to Community Select?

Currently, contractors must already be working with Community Select, or have been requested to register by a building (strata, real estate) to receive work orders. If you are new to Community Select and haven’t been asked to register yet, please email an expression of interest to

Here’s how the authorisation process looks. Scroll down for details:


Let’s get started!

Step 1 > Register your business name

The Community Select Contractor Authorisation System can be found by clicking Register at the top of the page >>

Start by choosing a user name and entering your email address and a password. You’ll be emailed login confirmation.

Internet Explorer users: please ensure you use IE version 11 or later.

Step 2 > Register your business details

Using your new details, login to the Community Select Contractor Authorisation System by clicking Login at the top of the page >>

Follow the process to register your business details, which includes entering and selecting:


+ Business details

+ Contact details

+ Business address

+ Postal address

+ Phone, email, fax

Step 3 > Register your company

Next, you’ll step through company registration, which involves selecting the licences you hold, the work categories you complete, the regions where you work, your Code of Conduct and other WHS and required documents.

Please ensure you review and select your choices carefully. Later in this process (Step 5), you’ll be prompted to upload evidence of your selections here, including the specific licences, and proof or your qualifications to work in your chosen categories.

Step 4 > Pay for your registration

Registration and inclusion in the Authorised Contractor database costs $100 + GST. Annual renewal (you’ll be emailed 12 months from your initial registration) is also $100 + GST.

Step 5 > Upload your documents to finalise your registration

Now you will be prompted to upload the documents you selected during Step 2 for verification.

Once all of your documents have been uploaded and the details about them entered, they’ll be sent to Pegasus for verification. You’ll be contacted by Pegasus if more information is needed for your registration, or if anything requires your attention.

You’ll be emailed once your business has been verified and your registration is successful!

Please visit the FAQ’s and documents page for more information.